Meet the Class of 2014 Whooping Cranes
Hatch-year 2013 of the Eastern Flock

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W3-14 and parents in July
Image: Kelli Brockman-Dempze

Crane # W3-14
Date Hatched May 11, 2014
Gender TBD
Left Leg Right Leg


Personality and Training: Crane chick #W3-14 hatched in the wild in Wisconsin to parents #12-12 and #19-04. The parents did a good job protecting their chick, who will not learn to fly until about age 70 days.

On August 13, pilot Bev Paulan confirmed that W3-14 had fledged! A chick's fledging is celebrated as a milestone of survival.




W3 can fly!
Image: Bev Paulan
W3 in Flight!