Meet the Class of 2014 Whooping Cranes
Hatch-year 2013 of the Eastern Flock

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Crane chick #14-08 as a baby
Image: Operation Migration

Crane # 8-14
Date Hatched May 19, 2014
Gender Female
Left Leg Right Leg

Temporary leg band: light blue

Personality and Training: Crane chick #8-14 hatched May 19. At 6 days of age, she was led out to see the trike (the tiny aircraft without its wing) for the first time. She wasn't so confident once she was in Wisconsin for Flight School: On July 11, the day the chicks saw the large wing attached to the aircraft for the very first time, she was the only one who had to be coaxed out of the enclosure and onto the training strip to join her flock mates in chasing after the plane. But July 12, she joined in like a pro as all seven chicks toddled and hopped behind the plane as it taxied down the grassy strip. But she developed the habit of being shy of the gate, and needed to be coaxed out of the chicks' enclosure (along with chick #10). The team hopes she gives up this habit!


The three youngest chicks, taken on June13
Three Youngest
Image: Operation Migration
July 7 at Patuxent WRC in Maryland
July 7, 2014
Image: Operation Migration
Arrival in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Arrival!
Image: Tom Schultz

Chick #8 in Wisconsin on July 10
Exploring Wisconsin
Image: Tom Schultz
Chicks and Costume on training strip
Feeling at Home
Image: Tom Schultz
The chicks all ran after the plane as it taxied to the end of the grassy training strip.
Chasing the Plane
Image: Crane Cam
Training on July 14
New Aircraft!
Image: Tom Schultz
First 2-minute flight!
Now Flying!
Image: Ruth Peterson
Despite the downtime due to recent poor weather, all the girls did great flying with the aircraft, logging over 15 minutes of air time by the week of August 25!