Meet the Class of 2014 Whooping Cranes
Hatch-year 2013 of the Eastern Flock

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Crane chick #4-14 as a baby
Image: Operation Migration

Crane # 4-14
Date Hatched May 15, 2014
Gender Male
Left Leg Right Leg

Temporary leg band: green

Personality and Training: Crane chick #4-14 was dubbed "Peanut" by Brooke soon after hatching because he was so small. "I swear he’s a mouse disguised as a crane chick!" exclaimed Brooke, who was one of his daily caretakers. This chick turned out to be the ONLY male in the Class of 2014!

Chick #4 got a late start due to health problems, but soon he was back in the lineup for ground school training. He had his first On/Off trike engine conditioning session May 25 and wasn't scared at all. Soon he was following the trike around the circle pen along with the other six chicks, all girls. He joined right in. See what happened as his training unfolded:

July 7
July 7
Image: Operation Migration
Arrival day in Wisconsin!
Wisconsin Arrival
Image: Tom Schultz

#4 checks out the water basin at White River Marsh
Image: Doug Pellerin

#4 on july 10
July 10
Image: Doug Pellerin
Chicks and Costume on training strip
Flight School Starts
Image: Tom Schultz
The chicks all ran after the plane as it taxied to the end of the grassy training strip.
Chasing the Plane
Image: Crane Cam
Training on July 14
New Aircraft!
Image: Tom Schultz
First 2-minute flight!
Now Flying!
Image: Ruth Peterson
This year's only male crane, #4-14 developed a limp Aug. 26 while playing in the winds during a strong storm the day before. He was on the disabled list to allow it to heal. On some days the team let him out on the runway for exercise. Everybody just loves his good-natured ways and hopes his leg heals in time for migration.
Crane #4 gets entertained by the costume and some floating mealworms.
Disabled List
Image: Tom Schultz

Crane #4's leghas not healed as quickly as hoped and was re- injured a week ago as he played on the runway. He has been paitent and brave and good-natured, even when the doctor put a leg brace on him September 19. Everyone hopes he'll be flying with his girls (the other six cranes in the Class of 2014) soon!

#4 with hjis new hinged leg brace to help his leg heal
Leg Brace
Image: Operation Migration