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Whooping Cranes in Illinois
Monday, October 8, 2012
Weekly Updates

Illinois, here they are! Today is migration day #11. Migration 2012 covered another 72 miles since we posted last Monday's weekly summary, for a total of 120 miles gone. After a terrific flight yesterday, the winds kept them down today in Winnebago County, Illinois. Wind was the culprit in last week's tally of only two flight days, but the birds are happily playing with pumpkins in their pen. When the winds calm, this tiny and mighty team will be ready to resume their journey south to Florida. To catch up on the history of this historic conservation effort, enjoy a wonderful video by the National Fish & Wildlife Federation.

How far will weather allow them to fly this week? See daily reports on Operation Migration's site, and enjoy journey North's classroom support materials. We'll be back Monday, October 15, with a summary of this week's events.

Whooping Cranes flying with ultralight plane
Image: Operation Migration


Operation Migration's Daily Field Journal

Migration updates posted daily at Operation Migration website so you can follow along.

Crane migration progress: Oct. 1, 2012
Fall 2012 Migration
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