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No Go: Perhaps Snow! (+0 Miles)
November 29, 2011: Migration Day 52

Third grader compares her arm span with the wingspan of a Whooping crane.

Image: Operation Migration

There's no let up of the rain and winds in Piatt County. Local residents say they haven't seen weather and sustained winds like this in 40 years. That's not all: There is an 80 percent chance of snow after the noon hour. Yes, down day #9. Interestingly, the team was right here in Piatt County for the second of two Down Days on this date in 2009. Take heart: There's crane fun in today's classroom suggestion below.

Teachers: "Volunteers Gordon Perkinson and Christine Barnes, both professional educators, have now joined the team, reports Operation Migration's Liz. "They are all set to start their visits to schools to give presentations to students on Whooping cranes, the reintroduction project, and the ultralight-led migration. They are able to visit schools within about a 30 to 40 mile radius of our migration route." Interested teachers, please contact Gordon and Christine directly. Not sure of your distance from our route? Just send them an email to ask.

In the Classroom: Measure and Draw!

What's the tallest bird in North America? If you said Whooping crane, you're right! Adult cranes are about 5 feet tall. How tall are you? See how you size up by drawing a life-size crane with diretions and help at the link below. You will compare human skeletons and crane skeletons to figure out what measurements to use to draw a life-size crane. Work as a whole class or in small groups. Draw your favorite crane!

Anatomy Study: Draw a Life-size Whooping Crane

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).
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