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Meet the Flock: Get to Know the Cranes
Crane Quiz #2

Directions: Go to Meet the Flock, Hatch Year 2011. Scroll down to click on each chick's photo for a link to its life story (bio page) and you'll find the answers!

Hatch Year 2011 Answer

1. He outflew all his classmates one August day by flying higher and farther than any of them had yet flown. This week he didn't keep up with the trike as well as usual because he was having too much fun grubbing in the dirt on the runway. "I’ve seen him run around with clods of dirt in his beak every now and then," said Geoff.


Crane #____


2. One of the last to learn to fly, this youngest female soon became one of five birds the pilots could always count on to follow the trike.

Crane #____


3. One of the top five fliers until he slacked off this week, this male hatched from an egg rescued from the abandoned nest of adult cranes #726 and #307.


Crane #____


4. This feisty female showed #1-11 she wouldn't put up with his bullying when she chased him away three times in one day.


Crane #____

How did you do? After you're done, check answers here.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).

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