Key Timeline Events
Hatch Year 2010

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Jan. 15, 1011 Migration Complete for Chass Five: 1,285 miles
Chicks  exit the shipping crates in which they flew from Maryland to Wisconsin.
Photo Geoff Tarbox, Operation Migration
The shipping crates in which the young chicks  flew from Maryland to Wisconsin.
Photo Geoff Tarbox, Operation Migration
Ground school begins for the young chicks when they are just a few days old.
Photo Joe Duff, Operation Migration
Newborn chick in the hands of a scientist at the captive breeding center in Maryland.
Photo Operation Migration
Jan. 14, 1011 Migration for the Chass Five starts again: Arrival Flyover Celebration
Dec. 25 The banded St. Marks five are set free!
Dec. 17 The migration stops out for weather delays, the holidays, and preparations at Chassahowitzka NWR
Dec. 15 Migration Complete for St. Marks Five: 1,113.9 miles
Nov. 27 Halfway mark passed!
Oct. 25 11 DAR chicks (already banded) released near older, wild Whooping cranes on Necedah NWR
Oct. 10 Migration 2010 is underway!
Oct. 5 Target date for migration.
July 27 Chicks #4-10 and #11-10 arrived at Necedah NWR on July 27 after a 1,000 mile road trip from Laurel, MD to join fellow chicks in the Class of 2010.
July 20 Today 11 chicks for Direct Autumn Release (DAR) arrived from ICF, where the birds were hatched and raised by costumed biologists. The chicks will spend the remainder of the summer at the refuge, under the watchful eye and supervision of costumed staff from ICF and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They will be set free this fall to learn the migration route by following older cranes heading south.
July 9 Cohort Two birds (#10-10, #15-10, #16-10, and #17-10) arrive in Wisconsin and will stay at the Canfield pen site until they are ready to be joined with Cohort One birds later.
June 30 Cohort One birds (1-10, 2-10, 3-10, 5-10, 6-10, 8-10, 9-10) arrive in Wisconsin in individual crates aboard a private plane. (Chick #4-10, recovering from an infection, will come later.)
May 1 Chicks for the Class of 2010 began hatching at Maryland's Patuxent WRC. Chicks start training with the trike (without its wing) when they are just a few days old.

Try This! Journaling Question
  • How do this year's events compare with the same events for last year's chicks in the new Eastern flock? For comparison, see: 2009 Timeline Events.

A costumed pilot drives the trike around the outside of the circle pen with the little chick safely inside. "Robo-crane" drops mealworms to encourage the little chick to follow the plane as it drives around the fence in a circle.

Photo H. Ray, WCEP


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