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What do you see?

  • Do you see the back of one adult Whooping crane and the back of one Whooping crane chick?
  • These Whooping cranes are hocksitting, or sitting on their hocks.

Hock-sitting is normal in some birds, especially in birds with long legs — and in juveniles of these species. Young cranes often rest on their hocks. (More under the photo)

Image: Heather Ray, Operation Migration

About this picture: This photo was taken after so much rain fell at the chicks' pen site that they couldn't rest, or hock-sit, because the dry section of their pen was under water!
The "costumes" had to actually take the birds out of their enclosure and lead them a short distance away from the pen so that they could get some sleep. Adult #509 showed up, too. (He thinks he's the cranes' babysitter.) Much to everyone's surprise, adult #509 sat on his hocks right beside one of the youngsters!