DAR #21-10 at 1 day old.
Photo Jennifer Davis, ICF
Meet the Class of 2010 Whooping Crane Chicks!
Hatch-year 2010 of the Eastern Flock

Crane # 21-10 DAR

Date Hatched

June 7, 2010



Egg Source

Leg Bands

(Attached before first migration)

Left Leg Right Leg
radio transmitter


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Personality as a Chick
"Roquefort" was this chick's baby name after hatching at ICF. He was third in the group to fly; he fledged on August 25.

Crane #21-10 is another of the largest DAR birds. He, like #18, is relaxed and confident in his position in the flock, so he doesn't go around starting fights. He is an excellent flier and he frequently finds new places to forage, reports Jen.

The 11 DAR (Direct Autumn Release) Whooping Crane chicks were released October 25
on the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). The young cranes learn the migration route from following older cranes. Biologists from ICF and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service are tracking the released DAR cranes using radio telemetry, picking up radio signals emitted from leg transmitters on the birds.

By Nov. 6 the large group of nine DAR birds had been settling into a routine and feeding in cornfields just south of the refuge during the day, reported Eva. They are usually with older birds #506, #906 and 38-09 (DAR) and return to the refuge in the evening.

As they begin the migration south trackers will be monitoring the birds’ movements. Watch for news below!


Migration History

Fall 2010, First Migration: Began migration November 23, following older Whooping cranes who know the route. Lucky #21-10 DAR escaped all the big snowfalls with his adult chaperones/leaders, # 505 (5-05) and #415 (15-04). They managed to fly to their previous wintering grounds at Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge in Tennessee so fast that the frost didn’t catch up until just before Christmas. Way to go! He was still at Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge as of the tracker's report on Feb. 14.

Spring 2011: Crane #21-10 (DAR) left Hiwassee Refuge in Tennessee around mid February with with adult cranes #505 and #415. They were next reported Feb. 26 in Hardin County, Kentucky—on migration—and in Jackson County, Indiana on March 1. They made the final legs of their journey during the second week of March to arrive on Necedah NWR March 11.

Fall 2011: Crane #21-10 (DAR) wintered at Hiwassee NWR in Tennessee again.

Spring 2012: Crane #21-10 (DAR) was first found on Necedah NWR March 22, migration complete.

Fall 2012: DAR male #21-10 migrated south with #23-10 to Hiwassee WR in Tennessee, where he died during the winter. Based on tracking data, his death likely occurred on February 2, 2013, of unknown causes.

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