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Hoping, Waiting for Later Today (+0 Miles)
October 26, 2009: Migration Day 11

This photo was taken yesterday when the sun finally came out.
Operation Migration

Everyone was in place for an early morning departure when the cloud ceiling suddenly dropped too low for safe flying. At this time, the team is still standing by for a take-off from Stopover#1. They may try again this afternoon IF the haze clears and winds stay calm. It's a long shot, but let's hope with the team!

The CraneCam is now set up and waiting for the crane-kids' arrival at Stopover #2 in south Juneau County, about 18 miles away.



In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: The pilots were expecting to perform an "air pickup" today rather than the usual trike landing to collect the birds. (a) Why do you think an air pickup would be necessary? HINT: See yesterday's photo of the pen. (b-for-bonus) Why do you think an air pickup would be difficult at this stage of the migration and for this flock?
  • Teachers! Send your classroom order for Operation Migration's beautiful new activity books! Available Nov. 1, they are FREE! Click on image for details:


Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).
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