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Crane Fest 2009

Photo Heather RayOperation Migration

Remember adult #509, who likes to hang around the kids? Here he is with chicks from Cohorts 2 and 3 after training. What is 509's banding code? Which young chicks might these be? (You know their cohorts and can see their bands.)

Photo Heather RayOperation Migration
As of Sep. 19, the trike still had the training wing on it. How is this wing different from those used during migration? It is all white. It has wires to the plane. It is bigger (19 meters wide) which makes it slower and better for the new fliers. What do you notice about the chicks' primary feathers? Why is the pilot covered with a costume?

Photo Amanda Lambert
Cohort Two and Cohort Three both have six birds. They do not yet fly together in one group. What is the reason?