Meet the Flock: Get to Know the Cranes
Crane Quiz #4

See: Meet the Flock, Hatch Year 2009. Scroll down to click on each chick's photo for a link to its life story (bio) page.

Hatch Year 2009 Answer

1. Which Cohort One female is now flying and keeping up so well that no one would ever know her leg had been broken when she was a little baby?

STRATEGY TIP: The cranes are numbered according to the order in which they hatched, oldest to youngest. Cohort One chicks are the oldest; Cohort Two chicks are middle in age; Cohort Three chicks are the youngest ones. How doest his information help you find the quiz answers?




2. Which older chick scared the handlers because he loved putting his head underwater in the chick exercise pool when he was in Maryland?



3. After the health checks and banding, this older chick held a grudge and gave the costumes dirty looks for three days. She became the last crane to exit the pen for training.




4. Which Cohort Two female is a "good egg" because she is always first out of the pen to fly with the ultralight and first to come and get her daily de-worming medicine?



How did you do? After you're done, check answers here.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).