Meet the Flock: Get to Know the Cranes
Crane Quiz #2

See: Meet the Flock, Hatch Year 2009. Scroll down to click on each chick's photo for a link to its life story (bio) page.

Hatch Year 2009 Answer

1. One of the youngest six, he was the object of a big chick-hunt when he got tired and dropped out of a training flight into the marsh. Which chick?

STRATEGY TIP: The cranes are numbered according to the order in which they hatched, oldest to youngest. How can you use this fact to help you find the answer?




2. Is the Class of 2009's oldest and biggest chick a male or a female?



3. Which Cohort One chick traveled to Wisconsin on July 10 with Cohort Three because she stayed in Maryland until her injured leg healed?




4. Which chick did Bev say "fought a valiant battle against the sandman" when she was a tiny chick putting herself to bed in Maryland? (Middle cohort, juvenile band of green)



How did you do? After you're done, check answers here.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).