Photo: Marianne Wellington

Meet the 2009 DAR Whooping Crane Chicks!
Crane DAR #33-09

Date Hatched

May 28 , 2009



Egg Source: Species Survival Center in New Orleans

Leg Bands


Left Leg Right Leg


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After hatching, DAR 33-09 took to the food fairly quickly and she was on a strict diet and exercise program since she gains weight very quickly. She was also on a swimming program to help keep her legs strong and straight. Despite her diet, she developed leg issues, but the swimming routine helped correct that. By mid July, both 32 & 33-09 were flapping their wings, running and working on their ability to fly. It will be a couple weeks yet before they take off but it is fun to watch them try! Until the permanent bands are attached, 33-09 wears a green band on her right leg. Notes by Marianne Wellington, ICF. Thank you!

Sadly, DAR #33-09 was killed by a predator the second week in August. Marianne Wellington said, We are not certain what predator killed chick #33-09. The necropsy may tell us more. Julie Longenecker, DAR Intern, found a large snapping turtle with #33-09. Julie did a great job of keeping the snapper close by until we could arrive to remove the turtle from the open day pen. I am extremely grateful to Patuxent Wildlife Research Center aviculturist, Robert Doyle, for helping us capture the turtle. It weighed approximately 42.5 lbs. The snapping turtle was relocated to another body of water away from the crane chicks.


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