Tomorrow Looks Better (+0 Miles)
December 13, 2007: Migration Day 62

Photo Jamie Johannsen

It's still warm and overcast with blustery headwinds and a forecast for rain. That means no leaving Cumberland County, Tennessee. But there's good news too.

• A wind shift is coming and the team is hopeful for a flight tomorrow.

• On December 11, 2007, the six off-course direct autumn release (DAR) crane-kids were captured and moved to Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge in Tennessee. The capture and 7-hour drive to Hiwassee were made by trackers Richard Urbanek, USFWS and Eva Szyszkoski, ICF. All went well and the cranes are sure to like their new location. Thousands of Sandhill Cranes are at this refuge. So are nine other older Whooping Cranes on a migration "rest stop." Their other flock mate, DAR #46-07 is there too! (See a special story about her.) And perhaps tomorrow, the 17 crane-kids and their ultralight "parents" may arrive!


In the Classroom

Today's Journal Question: (a) This is day 7 on the ground. Do you think the birds are restless or bored? Do you think they are acting up? Or do you think they are just happy in the moment, with no worries? Think about how you feel when you must wait and wait and you don't know what's coming. Describe it in your journal. Then write your guess about what it might be like for the cranes today.
DAR 46-07 had troubles on her first journey south but it looks like her future is bright. See the story ICF tracker Eva wrote about 46-07. Then create your own adventures for her her in the next months before her first birthday. Where is she going? Who will be with her? Will she find her way home to Wisconsin in spring?

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).