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Weather Woes Everywhere (+0 Miles)
December 3, 2007: Migration Day 52

This is Day 8 in Washington County, Kentucky.
Photo Operation Migration

The winds are from the right direction today, but way too strong for the ultralights and birds. Why do you think this could be a problem? People on both US coasts are dealing with wild weather today. How's the weather where you live?

NEWS FLASH! DAR 46-07 is now in Tennessee! She didn't get there on her own wing-power, though. Read the latest as reported by ICF Tracker Sara Zimorski. Way to go, ICF tracking team!


In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: (a) How many more no-fly days than fly-days has this migration had? Update your Comparing Migrations Chart. Look back through reports to see if your notes are up to date. (b-for-bonus) Click on the links to years below to see where the cranes were on Dec. 3 in other migrations. List the facts in your journal. Then write your prediction for their ending date this year. Your journal entry may look like this:
    Dec. 3, 2007 Washington County, KY
    Dec. 3, 2006  
    Dec. 3, 2005  
    Dec. 3, 2004  
    Dec. 3, 2003  
    Dec. 3, 2002  
    Dec. 3, 2001  

    I predict the 2007 Migration will end on this date: ________

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).
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