Meet the New 2007 DAR Whooping Crane Chicks!

Photo: Danielle Desourdis, USFWS Intern
Crane #41-07 DAR

Date Hatched

June 8, 2007



Weight: 6.3 kg

Egg Source: ICF

Permanent Leg Bands:

Left Leg:


Right Leg:


Personality and History

After hatching at ICF, this chick was nicknamed "Rivet" by caretakers, but his real and only official name is DAR 41-07. He was a mellow chick.

He and DAR #36-07, #45-07 and #46-07 were released together on a pool at Necedah NWR on the evening of October 29, 2007. All four of them flew to the nearby main sandhill crane roost, which was also occupied by adult pair 312 and #316.

First Migration South
: DAR #41-07 left the Wisconsin refuge but before he could get a good start on migration he was struck and killed by a small jet at the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison on October 31, 2007.


Last Updated: 11/27/07


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