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Meet the New 2007 DAR Whooping Crane Chicks!

Photo: Danielle Desourdis, USFWS Intern

Crane #36-07 DAR

Date Hatched

May 25, 2007



Weight: 6.4 kg

Egg Source: ICF

Permanent Leg Bands:

Left Leg:


Right Leg:


Personality and History

Caretakers nicknamed this bird "Ratchet" after he was hatched at ICF, but his official and only real name is #36-07. He visited the doctor a lot during his chickhood. He had a condition in which his eye and head got swollen. He also had stitches for a cut on his neck. He was the dominant chick in the group until 37-07 took over!

36-07 was released with DAR #41-07, #45-07, and #46-07 by a pool at Necedah NWR at dusk on October 29. They flew to the nearby main sandhill crane roost, which was also occupied by adult whooping crane pair #312 and #316.

First Migration South
: DAR 36-07 began migration on October 31 along with DAR #41-07 and DAR #46-07! The following morning, he and and 46-07 continued migration with 46-07. Trackers lost their signals south of Mauston, WI. On November 1, he and DAR 46-07 continued southward to western Indiana. They made further progress in Indiana on November 2. On Nov. 3 they were tracked to Grayson County, Kentucky — but then they separated. On November 4, 36-07's body was discovered by trackers under a power line. He had died in a collision with the powerline—one of the biggest dangers to migrating cranes.


Last Updated: 11/27/07


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