Meet the Flock: Getting to Know the Cranes

Crane Quiz #1


Would you like to know each chick's weight? How about its leg band color? You'll find it all on their life history page. Find your favorite chick's biography here:
Read the biography pages carefully to find the answers to these questions:

1. One of the older chicks in Cohort One (the oldest chicks) always seems to be making news. Among many other things, this chick got attacked by an adult whooping crane. He also hurt his leg while playing with a goose feather. Which chick?

2. Which chick dropped out of a flying lesson, got lost in the woods, and wasn't found until after six hours of frantic searching?

3. Which chick (handler Mark Nipper says) tried to beat up Mark? Mark says she's meek and mild but doesn't take any garbage from the older cranes hanging around the training area. She chases them away!

4. Which chick weighed the most at the pre-migration health check? Which one weighed the least? STRATEGY TIP: Remember that the cranes are numbered according to hatching order (age). How can you use this informtion to make predictions before you look for the answers?

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).

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