Photo: Operation Migration
Meet the New 2003 Whooping Crane Chicks!
Hatch-year 2003 of the Eastern Flock

Crane # 319

Date Hatched




Date Arrived in Wisconsin


Permanent Leg Bands
W/R/W (left)
G/R  (right) 
  • Read about the naming system, birth place in Maryland, release site in Wisconsin, over-wintering site in Florida and leg-band codes.

Personality and History

Personality Characteristics: The wimpiest bird and the one that causes trainers the most worry, but also the youngest so maybe it will come around. Trainers spending more time with this crane than any. It started out gate-shy and nervous about being away from the wet pen. Often ignores the costumed handlers unless they have treats. Not a dominant bird, but no longer gate-shy by end of August. By migration time this bird was much improved and very attentive to the aircraft.
Migration South:
Flew every mile!
History: Spring 2004: Began first migration north at 9:33 a.m. March 30, 2004 in a group of eight 2003 flock mates (301, 303, 305, 309, 312, 316, 318, 319). (Follow the group's progress to April 9 in the entry for 301.) On April 9 the group flew westward and separated south of Celina, Ohio. The group of five (301, 305, 309, 318, and 319) stayed in southwest Michigan, where #319 was killed on July 31, 2004 by a coyote.

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