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Group Cooperation Rubric (#1)

Criteria Novice Apprentice Proficient Distinguished
Cooperates with group members. Never cooperates. Seldom cooperates. Usually cooperates. Always cooperates.
Listens to group members. Always talking and never allows others to speak. Talks much
of the time and rarely allows others to speak.
Talks too much at times but usually is a good listener. Balances listening and speaking well.
Respects other group members' perspectives. Always wants things his/her way. Often sides with friends and doesn't consider all viewpoints. Usually considers all viewpoints. Total team player.
Contributes to group goals. Contributes to the group only when prompted. Contributes occasionally to the group with prompting. Contributes knowledge, opinions, and skills without prompting. Consistently and actively contributes knowledge, opinions, and skills.
Shares responsibility. Always relies on others to do work. Rarely does work; needs constant reminding. Does assigned work with occasional prompting. Always does assigned work without being reminded.

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