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Synthesize New Information

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Synthesis requires the ability to put parts together into a unified whole. Readers synthesize or incorporate new information into their existing knowledge base. Synthesis extends the literal meaning of a text to an inferential level. Readers determine the key ideas to synthesize. They demonstrate their synthesis of the ideas when they respond to text in a variety of ways, independently or within a group of other readers. Responses that invite students to use information to express original thoughts or products include written, oral, dramatic, and artistic interpretations of text.

Questions that help students synthesize information:

  • How can the information from this selection be presented visually?
  • Which graphic organizer would you use to present the information in this selection?
  • What parts of this text can you use to create new ideas or products?
  • How would an artist illustrate the details from this selection?
  • How can you use the facts you’ve learned to write a persuasive letter?
  • How would you use the facts in this selection to write a reader’s theater script?
  • How would you use the facts in a dramatic presentation?

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