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Make and Refine Predictions

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Making predictions means to describe what you think will be revealed next in the selection based on clues from the title, illustrations, and text details. Students make predictions before reading based on previewing a text and asking questions. Readers use text details as clues to make predictions as they read through a selection. Students confirm or adjust their predictions during and after reading.

Verifying and refining predictions means to check for the validity of your thinking based on information collected from a text. Prediction questions are directed toward material not yet read. As students read, they look for clues that help them decide what might come next in the text. Predictions help students to set expectations for reading, use the text to aid their comprehension, and to compare their ideas with what the author writes.

Questions to help students make and refine predictions:

  • Based on the title, what information do you expect to read in this selection?
  • Based on the information you have read so far, what do you predict will come next?
  • Based on the first paragraph of information, what kinds of information will be revealed in this particular selection?
  • Which predictions were confirmed by the text? Which predictions need to be revised?
  • Which details or clues from the selection did you use to make your prediction?
  • Based on the following clues…, what do you predict the author will reveal in the next part of this selection?

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