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Student Showcase
Research, Create and Share


Share your students' research, writing, and other end-products in Journey North's Student Showcase. Dive into research with this array of resources for brainstorming focused questions and taking notes from cited sources. Challenge students to present their research in creative ways.


Student Showcase on Pinterest

Student Showcase


Brainstorm Questions for Research
Spark curiosity by exploring images in the photo gallery. Ask questions and introduce topics. Brainstorm focused questions for selected topics.

Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Research Questions
Research Questions
Research Questions Sample
Questions Sample
5 W'S Chart
5 W'S Chart

Take Notes from Cited Sources
List and describe research sources. Use a code to cite sources on note-taking cards. Use the word collector for note-taking challenges, for example: Collect verbs that describe animal behavior or words specifically related to the life cycle, annual cycle or habitat.

My Research Sources
My Sources
Note-taking Chart, Page 1
Note-taking pg.1
Note-taking Chart, Page 2
Note-taking pg.2
Word Collector
Word Collector
Create and Share

Challenge students to present their research in creative ways: nonfiction booklets, interactive lapbooks, instructional wall posters, and more.

fact mural lapbook tri-fold booklet
Fact mural


Tri-fold booklet

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