Sunlight and the Seasons: May
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The burst of life that appears in May is cause for celebration. Share your sightings and excitement. Spring is finally here!

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Your day length for May 1
Your signs of spring.


Sunlight and the Seasons
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Seasonal Happenings
Baltimore Oriole Painted Bunting American Redstart
Baltimore Oriole
Refueling After Long Flight
Bob Vuxinic
Painted Bunting
Traveling Too Far
Lianne Atwood
American Redstart
Following Insect Emergence
Laura Erickson
Ice-Out Common Loon Painted Turtle
Releasing Winter's Grip
Tracey Hayes
Common Loon
Arriving After Ice-out
Laura Erickson
Painted Turtle
Basking for First Time
Laura Erickson
Puffin Nest on Live Cam

Great Horned Owl on Live Cam

Now on Live Cam
Puffins and Osprey

Osprey Nest on Live Cam

Coming to Land to Nest

Nesting Season Underway
Please report your observations

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Sunlight and the Seasons
Earth's position on August 1st. Signs of Spring 2013
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