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robin and nesting materials

Sunlight and the Seasons: June 1, 2013
June marks the Summer Solstice, the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. How do lengthening days affect living systems?

Cicada Photo: Wikipedia

robin and nesting materials

Sunlight and the Seasons: May 1, 2013
Longer daylight is a catalyst for change across the Northern Hemisphere. From the melting lakes in the far north to the continued migrations over the Gulf of Mexico, spring is here in all its splendor.

Photo: Ann Marie Fogarty

robin and nesting materials

Sunlight and the Seasons: April 1, 2013
Nature's timing is perfect. Leaves emerge, insects hatch, and birds arrive. Longer sunlight days tell us spring has arrived.


Photo: Wayne Kryduba

Sunlight and the Seasons: March 1, 2013
The equinox is coming! Daylight is driving changes. Remember to report daylight twice in March!
seal pup Sunlight and the Seasons: February 1, 2013
Spring is coming! Join us this spring as we track how seasonal changes in sunlight affect the entire web of life.
Fall 2012
Polar Bears The Solstice is Coming! December 1, 2012
Over 800 polar bears call western Hudson Bay home. The bears gather on land when the Arctic sea ice breaks up and wait for sea ice to form again. Winter Solstice is December 21! Who has longest and shortest days? Report your daylight to the map Dec. 1, and 21st to see.
wooly bear Sunlight and the Seasons: November 1, 2012
Little wooly bear caterpillars remind us of the changing seasons. Polar bears in Churchill do, too. Citizen scientists report first snow in Russia. Daylight decreases, AND increases. See and share what's happening across the globe!
Photo: Susan A.
bears in Alaska Sunlight and the Seasons: October 1, 2012
In September, brown bears feasted on salmon right before our eyes on LIVE video. Citizen scientists reported bald eagles gorging on fish in Alaska, huge flocks of blue jays and red-winged blackbirds, and colorful foliage across the hemisphere.
equinox sunset The Equinox is Coming! September 22, 2012
Is day length REALLY the same everywhere on earth on the equinox?

Follow 4 simple steps to report your daylight on the Equinox. Then forward this message around the world!
Photo: Elizabeth Howard
autumn color Sunlight and the Seasons: September 1, 2012
As the earth revolves around the sun, daylight changes. How do plants and animals respond? Share observations from your part of the world. It's time to report your changing daylength and your September sightings!
sunlight around the globe

Sunlight and the Seasons: Starts September 1, 2012.
How does daylight change in your part of the world as the Earth revolves around the Sun? Join kids around the globe. Share and compare observations. Explore how changes in sunlight cause the seasons and affect the entire web of life.