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"I've been feeding hummingbirds since 1991," reported Betsy Fraser in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.
"At around 7:00 pm on May 25, the unthinkable happened. It started snowing….hard! I went to bed with great anxiety wondering what would happen to all of the hummers in a major spring snow storm. At 4:00 am it was still snowing! I went out in the snow and hung up about 6 feeders and it wasn't long before the hummers were arriving, but it was snowing so hard that it was covering the ports of the feeders making it difficult for the birds. With the sticky snow, there were few places for the birds to perch. The hummers needed a place to feed and perch so I set up an umbrella over a clothes drying rack. Necessity really is the Mother of Invention. It worked! The snow melted by the evening of May 26." 05/27/13

swarm of hummers

Photo: Elizabeth Fraser