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Winter Solstice: Shageluk, Alaska
long shadows

Here at the Innoko River School, we decided it would be fun to measure our shadows on the winter solstice; the shortest day of the year. The sun sits very, very low in the sky at mid-day here. To find a spot big enough and flat enough where we could stand in the sunlight and get a shadow measurement we needed to drive out to the town runway.

We almost ran out of room on our airport apron measuring our GIANT shadows. Measuring long shadows is very difficult. You can see the end from where you're standing, but when you actually follow the meter tape it is hard to see the top of the shadow, it's just too long!

  • Winter Solstice Shadow Measurements: 180 feet long

We had to run in the truck to warm up, it was so cold! (-23) We had fun anyway and look forward to another measurement during the Spring equinox, March 20!

sun on the airstrip dressed for -23 measurement engineers
Sunset at 3PM in Shageluk. The shadows were so long they spanned the length of the airport landing strip. We dress warm with a lot of layers. It is 23 degrees below zero today. Back in the truck after our work measuring shadows.