Sunlight and the Seasons: November
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Your Sightings!
Report Your Sightings
Daylight changes as the Earth revolves around the sun. All the natural world is affected. How does changing daylight affect plants and animals?

bison in Sasketchewan
Beluga whales
Haines, Alaska
Fall Leaves
Changing Colors

Arriving in Texas

Virginia Students
Tracking Seasonal Change
brown bears Gulf Fritillaries Photo: Pam Randles polar bears
Brown Bears
Storing Up for Winter
Bald Eagles
Fishing for Salmon
Polar Bears
Hunting for Seals
What are You Observing?
  • How is your daylight changing?
    Please report your day length for November 1st.
  • What's happening to plants and animals in November?
    Please report your sightings.
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Sunlight and the Seasons
Earth's position on August 1st. Signs of Spring 2013
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