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Journey North News

Bald Eagle Migration Update: February 4, 2004
“Eagle Eye” Nye is back for his 10th season tracking eagles with Journey North! Learn about some of his new research plans and join us on a high flying season. Brush up on how satellite technology and little backpack transmitters become map data points. Use your “Magic Eye” skills to look closely into our fall migration map. And, teachers- organize for the season with map and assessment suggestions.
Bald Eagle Migration Update: February 11, 2004
Catch up on the last 2 months of eagle data and ask yourself what it tells you about winter range. Hear from Kathy Michell about her work setting out eagle bait. Our migrating eagles aren’t ready to nest, but we can start to think about nesting. Visit a live eagle nest Webcam in MA to see action every day. And how high is 517 miles? Create a scale-drawn wall model of the earth’s atmosphere from skyscrapers to outer space.
Bald Eagle Migration Update: February 18, 2004
Eagles holding steady. Each has their own winter home range. How would you study and define them? It’s winter fieldtrip time- put on your mittens and hats, grab your binoculars and come to a special place where the fishing is good. Challenge yourself to answer, “Why do eagles congregate in winter?” Dig into each eagle’s information and give it a moniker that is fitting. And, start thinking about all important adaptations.
Bald Eagle Migration Update: February 25, 2004
Cold Canadian weather and the eagles stay put. Learn about eagle rehabilitation and the dangers of lead poisoning in the wild. Eagles have large beaks and strong talons, but carry only with their talons- why? And what is so special about talons? There's always a WHY behind WHAT you see. Submit your questions now for “Ask the Expert.”

Bald Eagle Migration Update: March 3, 2004
Do eagles get spring fever? Looking at this week’s map might make you wonder. As you read this the trapping team is out on the Delaware River hoping to capture more eagles. March is migration month for many eagles. Is this true for our eagles? Track back into the Journey North archives to see. Learn more about the hazards of lead in our environment and what to do about it. And, how is the eagle’s head adapted for survival?
Bald Eagle Migration Update: March 10, 2004
They are staying in their winter ranges for now, but fluxuating weather is signaling spring to our NY eagles. Wish Eagleye Nye well on this week’s field work. Weather maps are treasure troves of information – learn some things about the clues they present. Changing pressure, barometers and migrations are all related. Try watching the barometric pressure in your classroom. Learn about the eagle's frozen dinner challenges. And get a bird’s eye view of the eagle’s eye.

Bald Eagle Migration Update: March 17, 2004
A real exciting week for eagles: V98 joins the satellite tracked eagles and A00 acts on the ages-old urge to migrate north. V98 was trapped as she was migrating through – and she continues northward on a path only she knows. Imagine her life during this time of travel and calculate her speed this week. Explore Greenwich Mean Time. Visit a nest, and research another eagle adaptation.
Bald Eagle Migration Update: March 24, 2004
The migration is heating up and they’re starting to move out! Compare migration journeys for our Golden eagle A00, and predict when A20 will head out this year. Learn about the importance of undisturbed nesting sites. Watch a video of the climb up to a nest and experience the unexpected. Read the great questions and answers from this year’s Ask the Expert, and review all the incredible eagle adaptations.


TrappingMarch2003_048 Bald Eagle Migration Update: March 31, 2004
Satellite transmissions from our eagles are revealing lots of interesting information this week. Will eagle V98 decide to stay or continue north? A20 is on the move, but can we use the past to predict his migration this year? After almost 850 miles of flight it appears that Golden eagle A00 might be home for the season. What is the newest big threat to the future populations of eagles? Learn about habitat conservation and try some scientific experiments at home.
Bald Eagle Migration Update: April 7, 2004
More questions about Bald eagle V98 this week. She is still in the Adirondacks, but Eagleye isn’t ready to call her migration yet. Eagles are on nests in NY state now and we wonder how difficult it is for them to keep their eggs warm with cold and snow all around. Take a look at many different bird's egg-incubation periods. What’s a solar PTT look like, and how do scientists attach them to the eagles? Watch a Satellite Backpack Fashion Show!

Bald Eagle Migration Update: April 14, 2004
Close scrutiny of the data may contain clues for you to decide whether Bald eagle V98 is “on her way.” Take a close look and compare Golden and Bald eagles. Learn more about the magnificently powerful flight of the eagle. Learn their secrets about soaring and gliding, and try making your own eagle kite this spring.
Bald Eagle Migration Update: April 28, 2004
Eagles are now in their summer territory. Study this week’s map for clues: are they setting up house, or still looking around? One thing is for sure, A20 has been busy. Visit the nest on the webcam again to view the ever-growing and changing chicks. What changes do you see? Learn fascinating facts about nesting phenology and chores necessary for each parent.
Bald Eagle Migration Update: May 5, 2004
Eagles settling in, except for A20, who seems to have trouble making up his mind! Take a closer look at the 2 chicks anatomy from the nest monitored by Massachusetts web cam. Why do eagle chicks stay so long in the nest compared to robins and hummers? Learn what happens when the eagles don’t clean their room (nest). It is nasty! Do some in-depth calculations to predict nesting phenology for our birds in Canada.
FINAL Bald Eagle Migration Update: May 12, 2004
As another spring migration comes to a close we are grateful for the contributions Eagleye Peter Nye has made to our studies. Golden eagle A00 gives us all something to wonder about this week! Visit the Journey North MapServer to view all the eagle migration data this season. Let’s focus on our research results. What did you learn? Conclude the season with a scientific research paper. And join us next spring for another exciting eagle migration season!

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