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Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: June 13, 2002

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News From the Migration Trail



Monarch Breeding Range

  • Link to Data: Link to This Week's Migration Data
  • The first sightings of the season have finally arrived from Maine! The migration has now advanced to almost 45N in the east, although only a few monarchs have been reported. Monarchs reached the same latitude in the middle west more than two weeks earlier, and in much greater numbers.
  • We received another 50 sightings during the past week. Significantly, the majority of these (64%) actually occurred during the May 24-June 6 time period. These sightings are shown in pink on the migration map, and reinforce last week?s observation of a very strong northward pulse during that period.
  • In the middle west, the migration?s leading edge did not advance beyond latitudes reported last week (47N-49N). Rather, larger numbers of butterflies have filled in from behind.
  • How much farther north will the monarchs travel? The map on the far right (above) shows the breeding range of monarchs in North America. This verbal description of monarch distribution in Canada was contributed by Don Davis: How Far North Do Monarchs Migrate?

Stay Tuned: One More Week of Monarch Migration Tracking!
Next week's update will probably be our last for the season. If you have friends in parts of Canada where monarchs have not yet been reported, please ask for their observations. Thank you!

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