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Weather and Songbird Migration

Journey North News

  • Oriole Migration Update: March 1, 2001
    Oriole spotters tell us what orioles are up to on their balmy tropical wintering grounds. You'll wish you were there! The Children's Eternal Rain Forest is Costa Rica's largest private reserve, and many of our own backyard orioles are there right now. Why is it called the Children's Forest? How can YOU get involved? Don't miss Dr. David Aborn's weather primer as you prepare for the arrival of orioles and other songbirds this spring!
  • Oriole Migration Update: March 15, 2001
    Who should keep their eyes open for early migrants arriving from the tropics and forced by the weather to land? David Aborn's weather report has the answer. In the meantime, see all you need to know about getting ready for oriole arrivals. Did you know that orioles are one of the many species that have an internal, inherited "template" song, but they learn their regional dialect from the Orioles in their environment? Hear three oriole dialects. Learn about the important coffee-and-songbird connection and what YOU can do to help.
  • Oriole Migration Update: April 5, 2001
    A few Bullock's Orioles are moving up the coast! No migrating Baltimore Orioles have been spottd yet, for good reasons. See why the weather means people across the Gulf coast states can expect great birding this week. How do night migrants find their way? Journey North lessons help students learn how birds use built-in barometers and the stars to navigate. Imagine a river of thousands of birds flying over your head as they migrate across the Gulf of Mexico! An observer on oil an platform in the Gulf of Mexico describes this heart-stopping spectacle.
  • Oriole Migration Update: April 19, 2001
    Watch for orange and black! People in the Midwest and mid-Atlantic should have a good weekend of bird watching and orioles will be zooming in. Get those oranges outside! Why are orioles so attracted to the color orange? Buildings in Toronto and Chicago's John Hancock Tower are dousing the lights at night. Find out why this is good news for migrating birds, and what you can do to help.
  • Oriole Migration Update: May 3, 2001
    With 146 new Baltimore Oriole sightings, migration is in full swing! In contrast to other species, why does oriole migration occur so swiftly? Eating insects, fruits, and nectar may sound easy, but if you had only a bill for a tool you might need a few tricks--like "gaping--to fill the bill! What's nasty for nest building? How can you celebrate International Migratory Bird Day? It's all in this report!
  • FINAL Oriole Migration Update: May 17, 2001
    Orioles are surging forth! With more than 100 new sighting reports, many Baltimore and Bullock's Orioles are reaching their nesting grounds in time for our final report. How does this year's migration compare to last year's? Orioles are working out their territorial arrangements and hunkering down to raising families. Imagine being an oriole as you experience our hatching-out visualization activity. And get some ideas for summer oriole observations as we celebrate another successful journey north for our backyard orioles.

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