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FINAL Mystery Class Update: May 11, 2001

Today's Report Includes:

Thumbs Up to the Mystery Classes!
The 10 Mystery Classes did a great job sharing clues and photos from their part of the world. Just take a look at these compliments and comments from some of the Mystery Class participants:

"We thought they were really awesome because we loved all the information. We loved the pictures, and we liked your clues." Sarah and Anthony

"It was fun trying to find out using all the clues. It was also kind of hard. We learned quite a bit." Kyle and Devin

"It was fun and educational! It was a GREAT challenge!" Luke and Amanda

"We thought it could be a little tricky." Charles and Arielle

"It was interesting and exciting because we got to research." Neema and Rose

"We learned a lot and we think it was really fun. It was interesting learning all these things. We spent a lot of time researching because we wanted to find our mystery class. We thought the pictures were extraordinary." Rachel and Daniel

We Meet At Last!
Your new Mystery friends have really been waiting for this day to come. They deserve a standing ovation and a big thank you! In addition to all the time and effort they devoted to thinking up their unique and interesting clues, they also prepared their Introductions and photos that you'll finally get to see today. And for all this time, they also did one of the hardest things for anyone to do--they kept their identity a secret! We hope you enjoy meeting your new friends!

Introducing Your New Mystery Friends:

Click on yellow map dots or on location name below for each Introduction

The 10 Mystery Classes for 2001 Are:


Location Latitude Longitude

Mystery Class # 1

Lisbon, Portugal 38.717 N 9.133 W

Mystery Class # 2

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 3.167 N 101.700 E

Mystery Class # 3

Montevideo, Uruguay 34.883 S 56.183 W

Mystery Class # 4

Angangueo, Mexico 19.617 N 100.300 W

Mystery Class # 5

McMurdo, Antarctica 77.850 S 166.700 E

Mystery Class # 6

Croydon, England 51.372 N 0.082 W

Mystery Class # 7

Auckland, New Zealand 36.867 S 174.767 E

Mystery Class # 8

Hong Kong, China 22.217 N 114.183 E

Mystery Class # 9

La Paz, Bolivia 16.500 S 68.150 W

Mystery Class # 10

Beijing, China 39.900 N 116.413 E

A Call For Mystery Sites in 2002
Do you know anyone in far and distant places that can keep a secret? We're still looking for classrooms outside of North America that would like to be one of the 10 secret Mystery Classes in 2002!

Year-End Evaluation: Please Share Your Thoughts!
Please take a few minutes to share your suggestions and comments in our Year-End Evaluation Form below. The information you provide at the end of each year is the single most important tool used to guide our planning.

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This is the FINAL Mystery Class Update. Have a Great Summer!

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