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Mystery Class Update: April 6, 2001

Today's Report Includes:

You Won't Believe Your Eyes! First Visual Clues
Your Mystery friends are getting clever now! Along with the latest set of the sunrise/sunset data, you'll find some of the first photo clues of the season in this week's report. Take a good look!

Clues Calendar
Clues will be coming for just 2 more weeks. Then we'll tell you how to submit your answers, which will be due no later than April 27. Here are some important dates to note in the coming weeks.
  • April 13 & 20: New clues from the Mystery Sites given each week

  • April 27: Deadline for Answers

  • May 4: Mystery Sites Revealed!

  • May 11: Meet the Mystery Sites

This Week's Sunrise/Sunset Times
Thanks as always to your secret Mystery friends, who have once again faithfully sent in their sunrise/sunset data for you! Remember this information was recorded for Monday, the same day you collected your sunrise/sunset data.

Journey North Mystery Class

Sunrise/Sunset Data

Data For: Monday, April 2, 2001


































** NOTE: MC #4 has experienced a one hour adjustment to its times since last week. Read below to learn why daylight savings time adjustments like these do not affect the photoperiod.

* Note: Military time is usually expressed without any punctuation. We have used a ":" between the hours and minutes for clarity.)

Daylight Savings Switch: Discussion of Challenge Question #4
In this Challenge Question, we asked why the Daylight Savings Time change does NOT change the photoperiod?" Thanks for all the great answers you submitted. We wish we had space to include them all.

Julie S. from Mrs. Koontz's Class in Bowie, MD explained that DST affects only the clocks: "Daylight Savings Time just changes the clocks, not the photoperiod. There is no way we can change the sun." (

And students from Mrs. Raftery's Sixth Grade Class in Richmond, MA explained how DST is really just a man-made creation: "When people created Daylight Savings, we created it for our benefit. We could now have daylight when it best fit our needs. Again, it is man-made; the photoperiod does not change." Richmond Consolidated School, Richmond, MA (

And last but not least. . .
Meg, Zach, and Jeff from North Albany Elementary responded: The time changes but the photoperiod doesn't because when you change your clocks you change it in AM and PM. that doesn't change how long the sun is out. If the sun rose at 7:30 and the sun set at 7:40 the photoperiod would be 12 hours 10 minutes. Then during daylight saving the sun rose at 8:30 and set at 8:40 the photoperiod would be still 12 hours 10 Minutes. Barb Daniels (

CLUES From Your Mystery Friends
Mystery Class:

MC#1: "The western coast of our country is in the shape of a face."

MC#2: "Along with a few of our neighboring countries, we are home to the world's largest flower. In one of our 'kingdoms' we have a princess. She has been dubbed the princess among the butterfly tribes."

MC#3: "Our country is a major supplier of meat, wool and dairy products; approximately 80% of our territory is devoted to livestock farming, and approximately 90% is suitable for agriculture. Our cowboys are called 'gauchos' and they are famous for their skill in breaking horses by mounting them without a saddle. We also export agathes and amethysts."

MC#4: "This MC site can be found in a state whose name is derived from the Nahuatl language and means 'fisherman's place'."

MC#5: "There are no children here."

MC#6: "Somewhere in the large nearby metropolitan area, there is a large eye that cannot see. There is also a dome that was built to celebrate the Millennium. A white tower there has struck fear into the hearts of many people for centuries; but the clock that chimes the year's end is named after its large bell."

MC#7: "There are 3 main islands that make up our country."

MC#8: "We are surrounded by a sea. Some people live on boats which are true 'junks'. But probably not the kind of 'junk' you're thinking of"

MC#9: "Our Country shares what is traditionally regarded as the highest navigable lake in the world."

MC#10: "In the morning you'll see people walking their birds (kept in small wooden cages) and in the evening you'll see people practicing ballroom dancing on the sidewalks."

The Next Mystery Class Update Will be Posted on April 13, 2001

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