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Mystery Class Update: April 27, 2001

Today's Report Includes:

Reminder--Friday Is the Last Day to Send In Your Answers!
Hurry, don't be late! If you haven't sent in your Mystery Class answers yet, you must do so by the end of Friday. As we announced last week, all answers MUST be received by the end of Friday, April 27, 2001. To be fair to everyone, any answers received after that date will not be eligible for the contest.

Deadline is Friday, April 27, 2001

To help you, we are providing the instructions again below on how to place your answer. Be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully, and send your answer by the end of today. Have fun and good luck!

Look How Far You've Come
Congratulations again to everyone who participated in the Mystery Class Activity this year! We know that all of you have worked very hard on your answers, and we can't wait to tell you where your Mystery Friends are hiding in just one more week.

But do you remember way back in February when all you knew about the 10 Mystery sites was that they were a mystery? We think it's important to remember and reflect on just how far you've come since then. You began with just sunrise and sunset data and your graphs, and just look at the progress you've all made. You have now narrowed down where in the world the Mystery sites are located--what a great accomplishment!

Getting Down to the Finish Line: Contest Schedule

A Call For Mystery Sites in 2002!

Know anyone in far and distant places that can keep a secret?

We're looking for classrooms outside of North America that would like to be one of the 10 secret Mystery Classes in 2002!

PLEASE CONTACT: our feedback form

Here are the important dates for the coming weeks.
  • April 27: Answers Due! Your answer MUST be received NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, APRIL 27. (To be fair to everyone, any answers sent after that date will NOT be eligible for the contest.)

  • May 4: Mystery Sites Revealed! Mystery Sites will be revealed and the contest results announced.

  • May 11: Meet the Mystery Sites: Your new Mystery Friends are happy to finally meet you. They'll send their personal greetings and photos too.

Instructions on How to Submit Your Answer
To submit your answer, you will be following the same steps as when you answer a Challenge Question, plus a few additional steps.

Use this list of instructions as a checklist, and check it twice before sending in your answer. Good Luck!


1. Send your answer by E-mail to:
2. In the Subject line write : Challenge Question #5

3. In the Subject line you MUST also tell us your GRADE LEVEL

EXAMPLE--your subject line should look like this:

Challenge Question #5, GRADE ____

4. In the body of the message, tell us who you are (teacher name, school name, etc) and then answer this question:

Challenge Question #5:
"Where in the world do you think our 10 Mystery Sites are located?"

* Your answer MUST include all of the following information about each Mystery site:

a. The name of City.
b. The name of Country.
c. Its Latitude and Longitude (Give partial degrees in decimals i.e. 75.10 don't use minutes and seconds).

6. Doublecheck your answer before sending! After you've submitted your answer, you may not change your answer and send it in again.
7. Teachers with several separate classes participating should submit a separate E-mail answer for each of their separate classes. Be sure to identify which specific class the answer is from (i.e. "Ms. Johnson's 1st hour class", or "Ms. Johnson's 4th hour class", etc)
8. Don't forget: Because we judge the contest by Grade Level, you MUST tell us YOUR GRADE LEVEL. If you do not include your grade, we will judge your answer with the 12th grade level answers.
9. DEADLINE APRIL 27: To be fair to everyone, any answers sent after that date will not be eligible for the contest.
10. Congratulate yourself and your students on a job well done! You have worked hard and come such a long way from the beginning of this Activity. Please include comments from you and/or your students letting us know what you thought of the journey.

"Winning" Isn't Everything!
Students sometimes focus heavily on "winning" the Mystery Class contest, so please be sure to remind them that the contest portion is only a small part of this Activity. Also, we are aware that there are a wide range of grade levels participating, and we will factor that in during the judging.

Year-End Evaluation: Please Share Your Thoughts!
Please take a few minutes to share your suggestions and comments in our Year-End Evaluation Form below. The information you provide at the end of each year is the single most important tool used to guide our planning.

Journey North
Year End Evaluation
Please share your thoughts

The Next Mystery Class Update Will be Posted on May 4, 2001

Copyright 2001 Journey North. All Rights Reserved. Please send all questions, comments, and suggestions to our feedback form

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