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  • Manatee Migration Update: February 7, 2001
    Come along with Cathy Beck and the Sirenia Project scientists for a new study in the Florida Everglades! Wild manatees are being captured, tagged and released for satellite tracking in this study. Join in their research today by tracking "Surfer", one of the first manatees already tagged for this study. Where was Surfer tagged and released? How far has she traveled so far? Does weather affect her migration in any way?
  • Courtesy of Naples Daily News

    News Flash--Six New Manatees Now Online: February 14, 2001
    Six manatees were successfully tagged by the Sirenia Project in Southwest Florida. Cathy Beck has the details of the captures, complete with photographs! Can you figure out how scientists knew that one of the manatees was an old friend? And why are they worried that the manatees may lose their tags soon?
  • Manatee Migration Update: February 21, 2001
    The results of Dr. Ackerman's first aerial census for 2001 are in, and it's a record breaking count! What factors made this year the perfect prescription for counting? Ranger Wayne Hartley is also having a record-breaking year at Blue Spring State Park. What daily factors influence the manatee count there? Cathy Beck has the latest tracking data on Surfer and the the new manatees, with some sad news too.
  • Manatee Migration Update: March 7, 2001
    Map the latest manatee movements using today's data. Dean's been dispatched on a daring duty to tag Grace without recapturing her--not as easy as it may sound! Do you think tides might influence manatee movements? Cathy and Susan explore the ebbs and flows of this question. And learn why Dr. Ackerman compares manatee counts to the "life savings" of an endangered species. Plus, get answers to Challenge Questions from the last Update and the News Flash.
  • Manatee Migration Update: March 21, 2001
    Sirenia scientists are out "in the field" capturing more manatees for their study! Do you know why? See the latest tracking data and map. What have the manatees been doing since the last Update? Can a manatee tolerate cold like a whale can? Try two "cool" experiments to investigate. Ranger Wayne sends you his Roll Call data with a challenge too. Find out what inquiring minds wanted to know from Ask the Manatee Expert Nancy Sadusky. Plus, learn how Dean accomplished his Daring Duty, and more.
  • Manatee Migration Update: April 4, 2001
    More manatees were captured since our last report! Find out why, and who is the "greatest" among them. Grace's GPS tag was retrieved, but there are some missing location fixes...hmmm. Meanwhile, Surfer has swam north, but has she joined the other manatees? And is Nina really landlocked? Over at Blue Spring, things are "heating" up in the Run. And take a look at the "cold hard facts" that students sent in about manatees and cold water.
  • FINAL Manatee Migration Update: April 18, 2001
    We've reached the end of another great Manatee migration season. Many thanks to all our scientists for letting us tag along again. Cathy Beck has her final thoughts on the season and the latest news--special GPS maps too! Do you know the difference between radio and GPS tracking? Ranger Wayne wraps up with his final roll call and season summary--does he have any company at Blue Spring? Prepare your own season summary--how would YOU sum up the migration? Read all of the answers to the latest Challenge Questions--did you think of any of these? Teachers, please take a few minutes to share your suggestions and comments in our Year-End Evaluation Form.

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