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  • Humpback Whale Migration Update: January 31, 2001
    It is one of the top ten whale watching sites in the world! Learn about Stellwagen Marine Sanctuary, the summer grounds of the humpbacks. The wintering grounds for the humpbacks is near the Dominican Republic. Can you find their location on your map? Stay tuned for updates from the southern grounds when our new correspondents relate their whale experiences from the "tall ships" educational program.
  • Humpback Whale Migration Update: February 14, 2001
    Have you ever browsed through a catalog of whales? Take a look at this one! How would you name a whale? Link to some real reports of cruising into the Sanctuary region on a research vessel. Listen to two whale songs and explore their differences and similarities. And, discussion of your great Challenge Question answers.
  • Humpback Whale Migration Update: February 28, 2001
    Join us as we travel southward to the humpback's winter calving grounds of the Dominican Republic with two fascinating reports. A student's six-week research trip gives an up-to-date report and an "eco-tourist" shares some close up encounters with humpbacks. Some unusual humpback behavior leaves us guessing. And a geography challenge to find the Sargasso Sea. We hope you're up to it!
  • Humpback Whale Migration Update: March 14, 2001
    Severe weather in the Northeast and researchers still await the humpbacks' return to the Cape Cod Bay area. Join in on a naming party! Take a look at 10 beautiful and unique flukes and submit a name to the official assembly through our representative, Anne Smrcina. Researchers tell us that 90 percent of the Atlantic humpbacks use wintering grounds of Silver Bank, but why do they scatter in the summer? And a cool look at the Sargasso Sea.
  • Humpback Whale Migration Update: March 28, 2001
    Stops along the migration route are becoming very popular vacationing sights for eco-tourists. Whalewatching groups follow strict regulations so the whales are not disturbed. Boy Scouts are not the only ones to know their knots; you can too! Got milk? Whale mothers sure do! Calves drink more than 100 gallons of their mother's milk EVERYDAY. Thirsty for knowledge? Try this in your classroom.
  • Humpback Whale Migration Update: April 11, 2001
    "The humpbacks are coming!" exclaims Anne Smrcina. This is the earliest recorded sighting of a humpback calf in the waters of Cape Cod Bay. Is this because we have better sighting efforts, or is there something else? Sad news of juvenile whales found dead off the waters of North Carolina and Virginia. Journey North Students Name a Whale! And we hear back from "Sarah the Sailor."
  • Humpback Whale Migration Update: April 25, 2001
    The Humpbacks are back! And in great numbers, reports Anne Smrcina. There are large numbers of humpbacks in Cape Cod Bay, including mother/calf pairs! Check out the list of whales there--do you recognize any of these names? But there is some sad news too. Why do whale scientists watch for certain birds? What food do the Humpbacks find irresistible this time of year? And listen and learn about Humpback vocalizations--one of the most complex in the animal kingdom. Finally, read about the rare Humpback sighting near the Strait of Gibraltar.
  • FINAL Humpback Whale Migration Update: May 9, 2001
    The humpbacks are moving out of the Cape Cod Bay into bigger waters. Four-year old Mauro flips her tail as if to say, "I'm headed to the big water." Lots of whales sighted so far this season; take a look at the list. Find out about the new Stellwagen program, "See A Spout, Watch Out." And, new law enforcement patrols will provide more "cops on the beat" to enforce Sanctuary regulations this summer. A big THANK YOU, and "Bravo Zuzu" to all of you.

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