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  • Gray Whale Migration Update: February 7, 2001
    This time of year, gray whales are still plowing south--but the first northbound whales have just been spotted off California! Visit the warm lagoons where the gray whales are giving birth and find out whose face looks "sort of like a rumpled shirt that's been stuck in the laundry basket." Read about these giant mothers and calves. Then send us your answers to two great challenge questions!
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: February 21, 2001
    A few grays have begun the journey north, but the official turnaround day is still ahead. We've got clues to help you predict the first northbound whale's arrival in the Gulf of Alaska. Meanwhile, there's plenty of action in the warm nursery lagoons. What's it like when hundreds of whales (and whalewatchers) are there?
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: March 7, 2001
    The ACS /LA Gray whale census is beginning to see a shift towards the start of the Northbound migration, with what appears to be the latest-ever crossover date (date when northbound sightings exceed southbound sightings). With the first northbound whales now spotted at Vancouver, how long until they reach their northern feeding grounds? How do this year's data compare with counts and dates in other years? Meanwhile, spring training is taking place for whale calves in the lagoons. We've got Teacher Tips, activities, and CQs too!
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: March 21, 2001
    The adult and juvenile migration is in full swing, but no cows and calves have yet begun the journey north. See what cow/calf numbers look like for the six years since gray whales were removed from the endangered species list. Hear a baby's tale and decide for yourself if he's a bit bratty. View new photos and try our investigations to fathom how it's possible for such huge animals to float.
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: April 4, 2001
    We've got exciting news all along the migration trail! The ACS reports the season's first a cow/calf pair on March 29. The first arriving gray whales were seen in Seward, Alaska on April Fools Day, but still no grays in Kodiak. Orca sightings are increasing, and we share more about killer whales from marine biologist and filmmaker Caitlyn Toropova. How do experts explain the very low gray whale counts of the past two years? You'll find new photos, a literature link, and Challenge Questions, too.
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: April 18, 2001
    Gray whales are plowing north from Baja to Alaska, and the first mom/calf pair was spotted in Tofino, British Columbia this week. It's the latest start for the cow/calf part of the migration in eight years of monitoring by NOAA. April 6 brought the first gray whale in Kodiak, and students at Nelson Lagoon School are training their Webcam on arriving gray whales! Today's report is full of observations. How do they fit with known facts?
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: May 2, 2001
    Where are all the whales? As of April 30, the ACS/LA Gray Whale Census tallied the lowest northbound count ever, and the latest peak period in 18 years. Whales are being seen from California to Alaska, but still few cow/calf pairs. Experts predict a low calf count, but the good news is no reports of killer whale attacks, no dead or stranded grays, and none of the very thin whales seen last year. Read observers comments! We share a whale of a bone, secrets of sea ice, and teacher Sheila Gaquin's news about her Inupiat students and whales in Point Hope, Alaska.
  • FINAL Gray Whale Migration Update: May 16, 2001
    The migration is almost over, with some of the lowest counts on record. This year brought the lowest northbound count ever, and the fourth lowest southbound count. Calf counts are lowest in the eight years of the official census from Piedras Biancas. Why? We give a look ahead, and share final on-the-scene observations for the 2001 migration.

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