Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

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Bald Eagle Migration Update: March 13, 2001

Today's Report Includes:

They're Off!
The first two eagles have begun to migrate! Check today's map and data and see which ones they are. (Use the data to make your own map, or print and analyze our map.)

Last Week

This Week

Watch for Weekly Updates During Peak Migration
Now that the migrations have begun, we will post updates every Tuesday. Full updates will be provided according to the schedule above. On alternate weeks (such as this week), we'll simply give you the latest migration data and update the migration map. (For today, we've also included the following news from Peter Nye. Watch for a full update next week.)

Field Notes from Eagle Eye Nye
Ninth Eagle Captured Just in Time
"We have another bald eagle on-line, Eagle E50. This is another adult (male) captured by Craig Thompson and Brian Conway along the Upper Hudson River north of Albany. 'And a mean one too,' they say. 'It took us almost 90 minutes to take a blood sample and attach the transmitter, and he never stopped fighting the entire time.'

"We are trying for one more capture yet this season, but despite the massive snow storm we got earlier this week and the 8" we are getting today, the season is fast closing. Many birds here in New York have already returned to their nests, and several are on eggs already. Of course, the far northern-nesters need not hurry yet!

"Here is the story from the trappers Craig Thompson and Brian Conway:
  • Link to Full Story of Capture of Eagle E50
    "Some of you may have heard about the blizzard that just hit the northeast. While some folks hated the thought of more snow, those of us trapping eagles were pretty excited. A two day snowstorm means that eagles are stuck in their roosts and unable to hunt. So when the storm clears they come out hungry, looking for food and willing to take chances they might normally avoid."

The Next Bald Eagle Migration Update Will Be Posted on March 20, 2001

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