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  • FINAL Right Whale Migration Update: May 24, 2000
    We are seeing fewer and fewer mother-calf pairs over the past few years. What is causing the decrease in pregnancy rate? Scientists discuss possibilities. Using historic whaling journals to plot his course, whale researcher embarks on a 15 month journey to find more right whales. How are whale weights, elephants, and blubber important for understanding the whale story?
  • Right Whale Migration Update: April 26, 2000
    Few sightings due to less than ideal weather in Massachusetts. How far do the mother and calf pairs migrate to get to the summer feeding grounds? Right whales have a lot of blubber! How much and why so much are good questions. Some students creatively suggest we could try singing to whales to locate them. And, lots of good map questions asked.
  • Right Whale Migration Update: April 12, 2000
    Anne Smrcina sends final tally of calves spotted. Scientists ask where all the whales are. They ask you for your ideas on where to find them. Right whales will be moving into the Great South Channel. Find a map of the ocean floor and ask us some challenge questions!
  • Right Whale Migration Update: March 29, 2000
    No new mother-calf sightings reported. Dr. James Hain shares his research with shore-based tracking. Whale breeding grounds have moved slightly north. Put on your thinking caps and think like a scientist. Help solve the puzzle. There is nothing simple in animal behavior studies!
  • Right Whale Migration Update: March 15, 2000
    We are still waiting for the right whales to migrate northwards. Find out how fishing line can become an enemy of aquatic animals. Check out the data of sightings off the coasts of Florida and Georgia. What sorts of things can you learn from them?
  • Right Whale Migration Update: March 1, 2000
    Calf sightings few in Georgia and Florida, but why? Put those minds to work. Can this be related to our world weather patterns? Babies of this animal are so precious! Learn why scientists are so careful when they are out on a tagging mission. And, learn the language of the 'Beaufort Sea States'.
  • Right Whale Migration Update: February 16, 2000
    The saga of the right whale is one of many ups and downs. So far this year, few calves have been sighted. New England Aquarium's Right Whale Research Group uses planes and boats to search and identify whale individuals. Share a report from their sighting team. Weather can be a big factor for successful right whale sighting.

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