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Weather and Songbird Migration

Journey North News

  • Oriole Migration Update: May 18, 2000
    With more than 100 new sightings, orioles are still flying northward across their breeding range. Their swift migration is nearly complete. When was the peak? How does this year's migration compare with last year's? An observer with an oriole "Bed and Breakfast" tells how milkweed becomes an oriole nesting material. Use our observation checklist and you'll see that the fun of oriole watching is just beginning!
  • Oriole Migration Update: May 4, 2000
    The orioles are here! To learn how orioles migrate, what clues do Journey North data provide? What are the most important weather factors? Imagine being an oriole and see how you do with our nest-building instructions. Hear the difference between the songs of the Bullock's and the Baltimore Orioles. What will you see and report as your orioles arrive and settle in?
  • Oriole Migration Update: April 20, 2000
    The migration is underway! Northern Orioles are arriving along the Gulf Coast and California. A handful are even arriving in the north already! Dr. David Aborn tells how this week's weather affects migration. How do birds predict the weather? How can you help orioles whether they're just passing through or stopping to stay?
  • Oriole Migration Update: April 6, 2000
    Weather expert David Aborn says migration is starting to pick up, so get out there with your binoculars! Another cold front is moving across the country, and the north winds behind it spell bad news for migrants. What timely tip-offs do mulberry bushes give Texas oriole fans? Learn what coffee has to do with saving orioles. Test your observation powers with a beautiful oriole photo.
  • Oriole Migration Update: March 16, 2000
    Will this week's weather mean you'll see more migratory birds? Dr. David Aborn gives his prediction. They're not here yet, but how could you find out where orioles from your state or province are spending the winter? What things can you do to help them along the migration trail? Why do you suppose fewer Neotropical migrants return each spring? Enter a contest that can win you some cash!
  • Oriole Migration Update: March 2, 2000
    The orioles are still wintering in the balmy tropics. Can you answer our riddle to name one country where they are? What's happening there for orioles right now? How will these birds take advantage of the weather when it's time to start the journey north? What would an oriole write on a vacation postcard from the tropics?

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