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Mystery Class Update: May 5, 2000

Today's Report Includes:

Is That Your Final Answer?
At long last, the day you've all been waiting for! The guesses are all in, and the judging is finished. In classrooms, at homeschools, and even after school, you really gave it your all to uncover the ten secret Mystery Classes! And it looks like you had a great time too:

"Another fantastic wild goose chase around the globe!"

"This has been a blast!"

"It really made learning about the seasons and changes in our world more meaningful."

"We loved doing the project."

"We had a lot of fun researching these, I am sure we got some and missed on others but what a great learning activity!!!"

"Yes! This is our final answer."

Mission Impossible? We Think Not!
We know everyone worked very hard on this project. A few of you even sent E-mails to one of the ten secret locations asking if they were a Mystery Site. Whether you submitted one guess or ten, and whether you are in third grade or eleventh, we consider all of you winners. We were glad to have you in the Contest!

We hope you had fun searching for the secret locations, and we hope you learned a lot about collecting and interpreting data, latitude and longitude, photoperiod, GMT, and about recognizing the central role that sunlight plays in living systems.

Did You Find Us?
Your ten Mystery Friends have finally revealed their locations below. They have worked very hard all season and this contest wouldn't have been possible without them! Now they're looking forward to "meeting" you. Be sure to come back next week to learn more about them. They'll be sending you their personal greetings and photos too.

What You REALLY Want to Know Is...

Where In The World Are They?

Click on map for larger view

The 10 Mystery Classes for 2000 Are:


Location Latitude Longitude
Mystery Class # 1 Buenos Aires, Argentina 34.600 S 58.450 W
Mystery Class # 2 Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan 54.900 N 69.100 E
Mystery Class # 3 Angangueo, Mexico 19.617 N 100.300 W
Mystery Class # 4 Quito, Ecuador 00.217 S 78.500 W
Mystery Class # 5 Frederikshavn, Denmark 57.433 N 10.533 E
Mystery Class # 6 Invergordon, Australia 36.166 S 145.583 E
Mystery Class # 7 Corner Brook, Newfoundland 48.950 N 57.950 W
Mystery Class # 8 McMurdo, Antarctica 77.850 S 166.700 E
Mystery Class # 9 Mons, Belgium 50.450 N 03.933 E
Mystery Class # 10 Nelson Lagoon, Alaska 55.917 N 161.000 W

Announcing The Mystery Class Contest Results!

First, let us say CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL CONTESTANTS--you did a Great Job!

How Contest Entries Were Ranked
We ranked the contest entries by grade level, so our first step was to separate the entries according to their grade levels. If the entry came from a mixed-grade classroom, we ranked the class according to the highest grade in the class.

After that, we carefully reviewed each entry to see how many correct answers there were with both the correct CITY and the correct COUNTRY.

Special Notes:

  • For MC #2, we accepted the city name of either Petropavlovsk or Petropavl;

  • For MC #7 and MC #10 we accepted Newfoundland and Alaska respectively, as correct for the country, so long as the city was correct too.

Now, here are the entries with the highest number of correct answers, listed by grade level:

"And the Awards Go To..."

GRADE 3 (7 classroom entries)

A Two-way Tie!

Ms. Jody Anderson's class (8 Correct answers)
Ramsey Elementary in Ramsey, MN (


Homeschooler Sam Hamilton (Mrs. Regina Murphy) (8 Correct answers)
Landenberg, PA (

GRADE 4 (18 classroom entries)

Charlotte Layne's "Blue Wing" (10 Correct answers)
Cider Mill School in Wilton, CT (

GRADE 5 (21 classroom entries)

A Three-way Tie!

Ms. Andrews' class (7 Correct answers)
Mary Walter Elementary School in Midland, VA (


Again this year, Ms. Cindy Luchenbill's class (7 Correct answers)
Duchesne Elementary in Florissant, MO (


Mrs. Voelker's class (7 Correct answers)
Pymatuning Valley Middle School in Andover, OH (

GRADE 6 (31 classroom entries)

Mrs. Lynn Connell's Challenge class (10 Correct answers)
Humboldt Public School in Humboldt, NE (

GRADE 7 (20 classroom entries)

Again this year, Mrs. Kloewer's Science class (9 Correct answers)
York Middle School in York, NE (

GRADE 8 (3 classroom entries)

A Two-way Tie!

Griswold Middle School (6 Correct answers)
Rocky Hill, CT (


Ms. Susan Nielsen's class (6 Correct answers)
Central Middle School in Eden Prairie, MN (

GRADE 10 (3 classroom entries)

A Two-way Tie!

Again this year, Mr. Warren Prince's class (6 Correct answers)
Milliken Mills H.S. in Markham, Ontario, Canada (


Again this year, Ms. Pam Randles' class (6 Correct answers)
Haines High School in Haines, Alaska (

GRADE 11 (1 classroom entry)

Again this year, Mr. Tony Ward's Natural Disasters class (10 Correct answers)
Ajax High School near Toronto, ON (

Reminder: Coming Next Week!
Be sure to come back next week to "meet" and learn more about your new Mystery Friends!

Journey North Year-End Evaluation: Please Share Your Thoughts

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The FINAL Mystery Class Update Will be Posted: May12, 2000

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