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Mystery Class Update: April 7, 2000

Today's Report Includes:

Seen Any Good Movies Lately?
Your Mystery friends are really getting clever now! You'll find another set of clues below, including the first ever movie to go along with their clue and a photo too. No need for popcorn though, because this Quicktime clip is pretty short. And although it wasn't done in time for the Oscars, and you probably won't recognize the stars of the film, we think you'll get the picture.

Clue Calendar--Two Weeks and Counting...
Clues will be coming for just 2 more weeks and then you'll have a chance to place your guess! Here are some important dates for the coming weeks:
  • April 14, 21: New clues from the Mystery Sites given each week

  • April 28: Deadline for guesses

  • May 5: Mystery Sites Revealed!

  • May 12: Meet the Mystery Sites

Like Clockwork
Your Sunrise/Sunset Data arrived once again this week, and all the thanks go to Mrs. Berger and her students from East Hills School in New York .

Mrs. Berger's 5th Grade Class

Remember, this information was recorded on Monday, the same day you collected your sunrise/sunset data. Here are this week's data:

This Week's Sunrise/Sunset Times

Journey North Mystery Class

Sunrise/Sunset Data

Data For: Monday, April 3, 2000


































* NOTE: Mystery Classes #3, #7 & #10 have experienced a one hour adjustment to their times since last week. Read below to learn why daylight savings time adjustments like these do not affect the photoperiod.

Daylight Savings Switch: Discussion of Challenge Question #3
Mystery Class #7 had a celebration to mark the daylight savings time change:

"Hi, we're Mystery Class # 7 from... (ooops, sorry we can't tell you!)--
We just celebrated our daylight savings by having a party. We had two cakes, one with 12:00 and the other with 1:00. The children then made posters to display in the hallway. We also had arrangements made to make and use sundials but the rain kind of put a damper on that."

This leads us back to last week's Challenge Question, which asked "Can you explain why the Daylight Savings Time change does NOT change the photoperiod." Time-keepers from Connecticut to Oregon really "clocked in" with their answers:

"Daylight Savings is when we set our clocks forward 1 hour. It doesn't change when the sun rises or sets." Jenna, Justin, and Shasta, North Albany Elem. in Albany, OR (

"When daylight savings time occurs, the sun isn't changing, just the clock. The times might be different but the photoperiod is still the same." Katie Vernali, GMS ( and Kristina Anderson (

"Daylight savings time doesn't change the photoperiod because both times (sunrise and sunset) are set ahead 1 hour. For example, in Rocky Hill, Sunday's photoperiod could be 12 hours 15 minutes (17:45 p.m - 5:30 a.m. = 12:15). If the time changed 1 hour ahead, the photoperiod would still stay the same (18:45 p.m.- 6:30 a.m. = 12:15)." Kristen Basiaga, Griswold Middle School, Rocky Hill, CT (

"We think that DST doesn't change the photoperiod because if the sun rose
at 6:00AM and went down at 6:00PM, DST would mean it would rise at 7:00AM and go down at 7:00PM so there is still 12 hours of daylight. So daylight savings changes the hours but there is still 12 hours for daylight." Emily, Katie Jo and Jordan, North Albany Elem. Albany, OR (

Afterall, people can't tell the sun what to do! It stays up the same amount of time no matter what time people say it is.

CLUES From Your Mystery Friends

Mystery Class:

#1 "Two important rivers flow into the estuary on whose shore our city is located."

#2 "Our current Constitution is only 5 years old."

#3 "Of the 33 states that make up our nation, our state was established as the 16th state."

#4 "We have a National Park that was visited by Charles Darwin in 1835. He called it a 'living laboratory of evolution' because 1 of every 4 species found here is not found anywhere else in the world."

#5 "In our language the four seasons are called; 'vinter', 'forar', 'summer' og 'efterar'. We eat a lot of what we in our language call 'rugbrød' and 'spegepølse', and 'franskbrød' and 'kartofler'."

#6 "Our country started out as a penal colony for Great Britain and the first European settlers were soldiers and convicts."

#7 "We belonged to another country until 1949, and the Union Jack used to be our National Symbol.

#8 "We are our continent's largest community."

#9 "Vincent Van Gogh once lived nearby painting the miners that lived in the area."

#10. "Our flag has eight stars in the shape of a common implement.

NOTE: This is a Quicktime movie which requires a Quicktime plugin for your browser or Quicktime software to view. The file is also large at 587K so be prepared to wait.

(Don't worry if you can't view the images in the movie or the photo above. They are just a little gift from your Mystery friends, and don't contain any crucial clue information)

The Next Mystery Class Update Will be Posted: April 14, 2000

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