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Introducing Mystery Class #7
Corner Brook, Newfoundland 48.950 N, 57.950 W

Here we are!
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Hello from Newfoundland!
We are a combined group comprised of a grade two class and a grade six Class, and we attend school at Northshore Elementary near Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada.

The school has approximately 360 children from Kindergarten to grade six. Upon the completion of grade six we attend school at Templeton Collegiate which is located in a neighboring community called Gillams.

Northshore Elementary is actually located in a small community near Corner Brook called Meadows. The children from seven surrounding communities attend the centralized school. The reason we are called Northshore is because we are situated on the north shore of the Humber Arm which is part of the Bay of Islands.

Last, But Not Least
We are nestled in the western part of the tenth province of Canada, called Newfoundland. It is referred to as the tenth Province because it was the last province to join the confederation of Canada in 1949. The Province was then led by premier Joseph R Smallwood.

We are very fortunate people to be living in such a wonderful Country, Province and Community. Given the small population and the close-net relationships of the people in our province, the crime rate is very low and the hospitality is very high.

If You Don't Like the Weather, Just Wait 5 Minutes

Summertime on the Water

The climate is very unusual in this area of the world and it is often said that we can experience four seasons in one day. As the old saying goes "If you don't like the weather outside just wait five minutes." December through March is usually our coldest period with the average temperatures ranging from -10° C to -12° C dropping as low as -25° C in February.

This year has been exceptionally good for snow, and we have received what we would normally get during an average winter. This is great for the local Ski Hill, which is one of the best slopes in the country. It is called Marble Mountain.

Can You Spot the Whale?
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In the summer months, however, we enjoy many activities on the waters and shorelines in the area.Whales are a common site in the Bay of Islands. They can be viewed from the shore or by boat.

And fishing is a valued past time for people of Cox's Cove. Various species can be caught including Mackerel, Cod, Sea Trout , Haddock and Squid.

People in the area work as fishermen, loggers, at fish processing plants, at the paper mill in Corner Brook or in one of the many shops or restaurants also located in Corner Brook. Since Corner Brook is the main center on the west coast of the island, many of the government offices are located there and a lot of people in the area are employed with them.

This area is home to a variety of birds and mammals. The Red Fox is quite common in this area and can be seen hanging around forest access roads. Their tracks are a common site in winter and can be viewed the best after a freshly fallen snow. Other common animals in this area are partridges, squirrels and chickadees.

Northshore Elementary
Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada.
For more information on the Bay of Islands area, visit the
Cox's Cove website.

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