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Photo: U. S. Geological Survey, BRD, Sirenia Project



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Blue Spring State Park
Background Comet is the male calf of Mercury, a manatee previously tagged by the USGS Sirenia Project.  During a routine research related capture on Nov 10, 1997, it was discovered that Mercury had sustained severe injuries from a boat strike.  Sea World was summoned and she, and her dependent calf Comet, were immediately rescued and transferred to Sea World for intensive care. Mercury continued to nurse Comet, despite her horrific injuries, and no doubt due to the expert care offered by Sea World's animal care staff.  Unfortunately her injuries were too severe for recovery and she died on 23 April 1998.  Comet, however, thrived! 

In June 1999 Comet was transferred to the Columbus Zoo, in Columbus, Ohio. (Students in that city probably know him, as he is quite the celebrity!).  They treated him wonderfully, even offering him the natural vegetation that he will encounter after release (and he liked it!).  He has grown to 264 cm and 925 lbs (420 kg). 

Comet was transferred back from Columbus to Sea World on 02/11/00. On 02/16/00, Comet was tagged and released at Blue Spring S.P. near Orange City, FL.

Satellite Locations February 16 - Present
(Courtesy of the Florida Caribbean Science Center - Sirenia Project)


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