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  • FINAL Right Whale Migration Update: May 26, 1999
    As the migration season draws to a close, we thank whale expert Anne Smrcina for another fantastic season! Right whales have now left the Cape Cod Bay/Stellwagen Bank critical habitat, but will it smooth swimming from this point on? Plus, Anne sends two Web sites to track the whales this summer!
  • Right Whale Migration Update: April 28, 1999
    This has been a sad week for right whale researchers, and us all. Because there are only an estimated 300 right whales alive today, how much impact does the loss of one Right Whale have?
  • Right Whale Migration Update: April 14, 1999
    No mother-calf pairs to report yet from Stellwagen Bank. However, researchers are still hopeful from what they've seen lately. Is it too late in the season for Right Whale calving? Also, find out what the whales are feeding on now.
  • Right Whale Migration Update: March 31, 1999
    Air and sea patrols are spotting lots of whales, but how many calves? Right Whales have been seen in Cape Cod Bay skim feeding. Learn why so few whales live to a ripe old age.
  • Right Whale Migration Update: March 17, 1999
    More right whale sightings this week in northern waters, but we're still waiting hopefully for the first mother/calf pairs. Many scientists believe right whales could live to the ripe old age of 100 years or more. So why do you think there are so few?
  • Right Whale Migration Update: March 3, 1999
    Right whales usually more north at the end of February, as this week's sightings in Cape Cod Bay confirm. Seeing is believing, but how about radio-tags? What are scientists learning about interpreting this high tech data?
  • Right Whale Migration Update: February 17, 1999
    We know scientists are interested in whales' long range migration--where they go to calve, breed and feed--but local movements are important too. Chris Slay of the New England Aquarium's Right Whale Research Group explains why. Make your own hypotheses about right whales from the data these scientists are collecting.
  • Right Whale Migration Update: February 3, 1999
    Right Whales are the most endangered of all great whales, yet here Anne Smricina provides rare sightings of these rare whales. Her network of scientists and observers extends from Florida to Massachusetts. But why do you suppose the right whales are in southern as well as northern waters at this time of year?

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