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Mystery Class Update: April 23, 1999

Today's Report Includes:

It's Finally Time To Make Your Guesses!
The race is on--the final sunrise/sunset data and clues have arrived and now it's your turn! Read the instructions below carefully and see if you can figure out where each Mystery Site is hiding.

** Be sure to place your guess no later than Friday, April 30.**

The important instructions are below, but first, let's share a few words of thanks and appreciation for some of the people who helped keep you guessing and Mystery Class running each week.

We're also sending this week's Sunrise/Sunset Data, thanks again to Mrs. Berger and her class. Remember,these times were recorded on Monday, the same day you recorded your sunrise/sunset times.

A Fond Farewell From And To Mrs. Berger's Class

Mrs. Berger's 5th Grade Class

"As the sun slowly sinks into the west, Mrs. Berger's class bids a fond adieu. Our large graph of the photoperiods for these sites came out stupendously. Learning how to subtract time measures was a challenge, what with borrowing 60 minutes from the hours column, but we did it! And what a charge to see all the lines meet at the equinox. Good luck to all of you on guessing where every site is!"

Hurray--three cheers to Mrs. Berger and her students for the terrific job of gathering the sunrise/sunset times each week! This is very hard work, and they did a great job all season long. We really appreciate all of your hard work and assistance. Thanks again!

If you'd like to drop a note of thanks to Mrs. Berger's class, you can reach them at:
Mrs. Berger's Class
East Hills School
Roslyn, NY 11577
Class email:

**Visit the East Hills School WEB SITE

What A Star! Special Thanks
We'd also like to thank one of the behind the scenes contributors, Rod Nerdahl, Program Coordinator at the Minneapolis Planetarium. Rod was truly a "star", helping to keep our weekly sunrise and sunset listings "on time" by researching and providing standard sunrise/sunset and latitude/longitude data. Many thanks, Rod!
  • The Planetarium is full of stars to adopt, and a Solar Eclipse Cruise to take!

Thanks Also To...(Shhh, you know who you are!)
Of course, our final thanks go to all ten secret Mystery Sites for participating this year. You all worked very hard the whole season, sending in your times, making clues and keeping a secret. We'll tell the world more about you in just a few weeks. In the meantime, thanks again!

The Mystery Class Contest Begins
The race is on! Print and read the contest schedule and instructions below very carefully--good luck!

  • So that this contest is fair to everyone, your guess MUST be received by NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, APRIL 30th.
  • On May 7th we'll identify all ten sites and announce contest winners.
  • On May 14th you will be able to "meet" each of the 10 Mystery sites, and see some great photos too!

How To Place Your Guess

IMPORTANT: To place your guess, carefully follow the same steps as when answering a Challenge Question, and be sure to list your guess for all 10 secret Mystery locations in ONE message:
  1. Send your Mystery Class guess by E-mail to:
  2. In the Subject line write: Challenge Question #4
  3. In the Body of the message TELL US YOUR GRADE LEVEL and then answer this question:

Challenge Question # 4
"Where in the world do you think our 10 Mystery Sites are located?"

Your answer MUST include all of the following information about each Mystery site:

  1. The name of city.
  2. The name of country.
  3. Its exact latitude and longitude.

DON'T FORGET: Because we judge the contest by Grade Level, you must tell us YOUR GRADE LEVEL. If you do not include your grade, we will judge your answer with the 12th grade level answers.

*NOTE TO TEACHERS: Students sometimes focus heavily on "winning" the Mystery Class contest, so please be sure to remind them that the contest portion is only a small part of this Activity. Also, we are aware that there is a wide range of grade levels participating, and we will factor that in during the judging.

FINAL Sunrise and Sunset Data
Here are the Final Sunrise/Sunset data for this week, and you'll also find another set of clues below. These are the final data of the contest.

Remember, these times were recorded on Monday, the same day you recorded your sunrise/sunset times.

Here's today's data:

Journey North Mystery Class

Sunrise/Sunset Data

Data For: Monday, April 19, 1999

Mystery Class



# 1



# 2



# 3



# 4



# 5



# 6



# 7



# 8



# 9



# 10



FINAL CLUES From Your Mystery Friends
Read today's clues below carefully and see if you can figure out where each Mystery Site is hiding. These are the final clues of the contest--have fun and good luck!

Mystery Class #:

# 1. "This location is the capital of our Commonwealth."

# 2. "A large, black and white marine mammal came to live with us last September."

# 3. "A recent bomb blast blew up part of our Planet Hollywood."

# 4. "This city was the capital of the Ottoman Empire."

# 5. "Our first sunset was the morning of Sunday 21 Februrary at 1:40 am. It's an event some hardy souls celebrated with gusto; hikes to Castle Rock three miles from town, and vigils atop Ob Hill. Before the sun dipped below the horizon it would have been obsured by Mt Discovery and the Royal Society mountain range."

# 6. "The currency we use is dollars and cents, and we are located in the capital of our country."

# 7. "We are home to several military bases."

# 8. "Our city is the capital of our state." Click here to see a photo of the center of our city.

# 9. "Our school is in a completely rural setting. It lies half way between two tiny villages which have only a population of about 1000 between them. The name of one of the villages is written in our native language as 'Crosbothar'. Click here to see an image of this word in our native language."

# 10. "Hurricane Iniki struck us in 1992, and the eye passed over our small town."

The Next Mystery Class Update Will be Posted on April 30, 1999.

Copyright 1999 Journey North. All Rights Reserved. Please send all questions, comments, and suggestions to our feedback form

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