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Mystery Class Update: April 2, 1999

Today's Report Includes:

No April Fooling

Mrs. Berger's 5th Grade Class

Thanks to Mrs. Berger and her class from East Hills School in New York, we have the latest sunrise and sunset data for this week--no fooling! Remember, this information was recorded on Monday, the same day you collected your sunrise/sunset data.

Show and Tell(...well almost)
You'll find another set of clues from your Mystery Friends below, including a photo clue from one site that "shows" you their clue too. (Sorry they can't "tell" you anything more yet.) Watch for more clues like these in the coming weeks.

Clue Calendar
Clues will be coming for just 3 more weeks. We'll tell you in advance how to place your guesses, which will be due no later than April 30. Keep up the great work!

Mark your calendar:
  • April 9

  • April 16

  • April 23

  • April 30 Guesses are due!

This Week's Sunrise/Sunset Times

Here's today's data:

Journey North Mystery Class

Sunrise/Sunset Data

Data For: Monday, March 29, 1999

Mystery Class



# 1



# 2



# 3



# 4



# 5



# 6



# 7



# 8



# 9



# 10



** Mystery Class #4 & 9 have experienced a one hour adjustment to their times since last week due to the start or end of Daylight Savings Time. But remember that this adjustment will NOT affect the photoperiod.

Challenge Question #3
"Can you explain why the Daylight Savings Time change does NOT change the photoperiod."

(To respond to this Challenge Question, please follow the instructions at the end of this report.)

CLUES From Your Mystery Friends:

Mystery Class #:

#1 "Our country is made up of fourteen islands."

#2 "One of the largest puffin colonies is here."

#3 "The protea is our national flower."

#4 "This city is located in an Islamic country."

#5 "We have nacreous or mother-of-pearl clouds, a phenomena seen only in _______. Actually they are not really clouds as such. What happens? Ice crystals in the frozen atmosphere at 50,000 feet become illumined by the suns rays coming over the horizon." Click here to see a photos of these clouds.

#6 "We received our independence in 1984."

#7 "Our city is located along the western border of our country."

#8 "We still have today many tribes of indians."

#9 "Our country has been very troubled but we hope it ended in 1998 with a very Good Friday."

#10 "We are part of what used to be called "The Sandwich Isles."

How to Respond to Today's Challenge Question:

1. Address an E-mail message to:
2. In the Subject Line of the message write: Challenge Question # 3
3. In the body of the message, answer the question above.

The Next Mystery Class Update Will be Posted on April 9, 1999.

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