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Eastern Bald Eagle Migration Update: April 21, 1999

Today's Report Includes:

Eastern Bald Eagle Migration
As of 4/19/99

Today's Satellite Data

Field Notes from Biologist Peter Nye

What's With F82!?
Challenge Question #12 asked you to describe Eagle #F82's behavior between March 25th and April 9th. What do you think this eagle is doing?

I have been noting F82's moves, and have a pretty good idea why: I'd bet donuts she nests on the south shore of that large lake up around 47 N. She's dropped back south twice to the Ottawa River--likely to forage in open water--then back north again. If my on-line mapper scale is accurate, that represents about a 175 km (109 miles) distance. Easily do-able in a day.

But, that's only a piece of the curious F82 news. The "large lake" I now suspect is her nest site, is none other that Reservoir Cabonga. Ring any bells? That is the same lake that our satellite eagle #N98 (an adult female captured February, 1997) migrated to during the spring of 1997--and tracked by Journey North! You may recall that we visited N98's nest that summer. (She did not nest successfully.)

If I'm not mistaken, of only two adult eagles we've successfully tracked through migration from the St. Lawrence River wintering area, both now appear to use Cabonga as a nesting site. Very interesting!

(See notes about 1997 summer trip to Reservoir Cabonga.)

Eagle #F83 Fools the Expert

Biologists visiting eagle nest to band young.

I went way out on a limb and predicted this eagle was going to stay in our Adirondack Mountains, around 44.15 N, -74.70W.

But wow--look at him go now! It looks like he was simply biding his time in our Adirondack region while things thawed-up a bit up north, just like F82. Seems he's definitely moving on up now! Wondering when & where he's stopping??

We'll soon see!

Eagleye Nye

Peter E. Nye
New York State Dept. Environmental Conservation
Guess Again: Where Will Eagle #F83 Nest?

Challenge Question #22
"So NOW where do you think Eagle #F83 will nest--and why?"

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A "Data Only" Eastern Eagle Migration Update Will be Posted on April 28, 1999.

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