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October - December, 2009
Welcome and Orientation

The Migration is Underway!
Follow the story of a record-making 20 endangered Whooping Crane chicks making their first journey south as ultralight airplanes show them the way!
Weekly "countdown" reports begin September 4. Then join the chicks' first migration south with daily reports (and Operation Migration's live CraneCam and TrikeCam) starting in October!

Stories, activities, videos, pictures, and slideshows

Twenty Chicks Migrating!

Lessons, Activities and Information for the Classroom

Asked by students and answered by the expert

Other News

In Collaboration with Operation Migration and the entire Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership

"The wildlife equivalent to putting a man on the moon!"
--Marshall Jones, USFWS, on the human-assisted migrations to reintroduce whooping cranes to Eastern North America

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